VMware Workspace ONE: Deploy and Manage plus UEM Troubleshooting Fast Track [V22.x] (en)

In this extended five-day course, you learn how to apply the fundamental techniques for launching and maintaining an intelligence-driven, multiplatform endpoint management solution with VMware Workspace ONE® UEM. Through a combination of hands-on labs, simulations, and interactive lectures, you will configure and manage the endpoint life cycle. After the course, you will have the foundational knowledge necessary to implement Workspace ONE UEM effectively.

In addition, you learn how to apply the fundamental techniques for integrating VMware Workspace ONE® Access™ with Workspace ONE UEM to distribute business-critical applications securely from any device and configure access management controls. You will learn how Workspace ONE uses various authentication methods and protocols to determine user access permissions and enable single sign-on, and you will leave with an understanding of the fundamental principles of identity and access management.

Finally, you learn to investigate, analyze, and determine issues that might occur with the different components of Workspace ONE UEM. Troubleshooting is the backbone of service maintenance and management. By understanding how to effectively troubleshoot product issues, administrators can understand how product services communicate and function, in turn optimizing service and software health management.

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