VMware vRealize Automation SaltStack SecOps: Deploy and Manage [V8.6] (en)


This two-day, hands-on training course provides you with the advanced knowledge, skills, and tools to achieve competency in using VMware vRealize® Automation SaltStack® SecOps. SaltStack SecOps allows you to scan your system for compliance against security benchmarks, detect system vulnerabilities, and remediate your results. This course enables you to create the SaltStack SecOps custom compliance libraries and use SaltStack SecOps. In addition, this course provides you with the fundamentals of how to use VMware vRealize® Automation SaltStack® Config to install software and manage system configurations.

Category: VMware vRealize 

•VMware vRealize® Automation SaltStack® Config 8.6
•VMware vRealize® Automation SaltStack® SecOps 8.6
•VMware vRealize® Automation 8.7

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